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This book is a tool. A starter for a research-based work.

“Everybody collects pictures in their phone,

This mix doesn’t cover much,

Each picture is a bridge towards a work done by someone else. This stack in the end just gathered many possibilities of things that could be interested to see.

The set-up is non hierarchic, no ordered. The viewer does his own association freely.

This ability of seeing what they see, thinking what they think, doing what they do lead them to emancipate themselves.

From the mess, an order?

Repetition highlights that something is happening.

The limit of what is called an artwork is not a subject.

The picture of the picture supports elements of context, mostly intimate. It tell us more about how we look at things in the past years. Moreover, memory works differently with clues that involves senses.

Somewhere in between, Stephen Bloomberg, Frido Troost, Post Document, Aby Warburg.”

Pictures collected from 2019 to 2023 Reperes, printed in London in august 2023